Build your board game prototype with HEROTIME


How to use

Here are the main steps to follow

Step 1

Choose your components:

Simple table format, choose which component you need in your game, and add the number of times you need it in your game.

Play Video
Play Video

Step 2

Choose the number of sets you need:

The more sets you buy, the cheaper it is, change the numbers to see your total price.

Step 3

Confirm your shipping address and components:

Fill up the correct shipping address, and go over the components you chose once more.

Play Video
Play Video

Step 4

Upload your artwork:

Download your corresponding templates, place on it your artwork, and upload your files.

Step 5

Get the games:

The games will be delivered to your door, and you will be able to start playtesting your game in no time.

Have questions?

we only accept PNG and JPEGs here. Make sure you do not submit your files with our template lines on them.

Add what you need on the sheet, and keep the rest blank. The blank cards will be sent to you.

You should get the games at your door within 30 days from the time the order was placed, and all artwork was submitted.

Unlike mass production orders, in prototyping we mostly use manual work hence the copies are more prone to quality issues. These prototypes are for reviewing and playtesting, not for selling. Take into consideration that some games might not come out perfect.

In prototyping we recommend following the standard components, however, if you need a custom product, you can add a consultancy product, and one of our production team members will contact you about getting it.

Let’s start the journey of making your dream a reality.